Natural and healthy food in the world

Health care food

According to functions, healthy food can be divided into: nutritional supplement type, antioxidant type (health care type, longevity type), weight loss type, auxiliary treatment type, etc. Among them, the health function of nutrient supplements is to supplement one or more essential nutrients for the human body.

Zodiac sign

The Chinese Zodiac begins with the Rat Sign, followed by the Ox, the Tiger, etc. Below are the animals, in order of appearance, which we have grouped together each of which has an associated feature. With regards to Chinese Zodiac, 12 signs are deduced from the ancient speculations on archetypal animals, their relationships to each other, and years of birth.

Zodiac Sign Pendant

Fresh shrimp noodles with tomatoes

Food Material List 1 noodle 2 Chicken soup 3 Little Tomato 4 Shrimp meat Operational

Eggs, Noodle, Italy cuisine 1

Chinese chive cabbage shrimp

Food Material List 1 Leek 2 Shrimp 3 Chinese Cabbage Operational steps 1 Leaves of

Lunch, Poultry, Burst, Refreshing, Steam

Crispy Grilled Fish Cubes

This skinned fish is frozen and quite large, so I cut it into pieces and fried it crisply. It

Dessert, Simple, Tofu control

Meat sliced eggplant

Eggplant contains vitamin E, which has the function of preventing bleeding and anti-aging. Eating

Appetizer, Fresh fragrance and delicious taste, Fresh fragrance

Rice with Stewed Pork auntie

The first attempt to cook stewed pork rice was very successful. Food Material List 1

Lazy Menu, Pickles, Noodle machine

Roasted pork with Sufu cool

Just as my sister gave me a piece of sufu, she thought of using it. Food Material List 1

Poultry, Burst, Refreshing, TV Special Purpose, Steamed buns

Fried pumpkin seedlings

Food Material List 1 Pumpkin seedlings 250g2 oil 3 salt Operational steps 1 Buy pumpkin

Delicate, Diuresis, Bring rice

Western-style rolls for Chinese food

Food Material List 1 Hand-held Cake 2 Egg 13 Bacon 1 pieces4 Tomatoes 1 pieces5 Cabbage silk

Baking, Light, Stew, Northeast Cuisine 1

White breast enhancement milk papaya crucian carp soup

Soup suitable for all ages is also suitable for four seasons. Actually, my husband cooks better

Poultry, Burst, Salty, Cake, Steam

Braised bean curd snazzy

Food Material List 1 Jianmen tofu in Guangyuan, Sichuan A Jin2 Bean paste Appropriate amount3

Nourishing hair, Summer Food, Moisten the dry digestive apparatus

Fried pork slices with mushroom resin

Food Material List 1 Mushrooms, garlic, pork lean meat, ginger, salt, pepper, cooking wine,

A family of three, Poultry, Fragrant, Nourishment for vitality

The quick-fisted old dried mother cooks tofu.

A little fried tofu tastes better. Old dried Mama chili sauce is only slightly spicy but very

A family of three, Poultry, Burst, Fragrant

Bakewell tart

Tapi and stuffing are added with almond powder, crispy! Food Material List 1 (Tapi): Low

Oven recipes, Snack, Meat 1, Braise, Some Breakfast Dishes, Children, Qiyu temperament, Nang

Durian Forget to Return photogenic

Food Material List 1 Durian 20g2 Ice cream 20g3 Coconut milk 15ml4 milk 15ml5 Ice block 4

Sour and hot, Snack, Creative dishes, Children

Fish head with bean curd

Food Material List 1 Silver carp head 2 North tofu 3 Ginger and onion Operational steps

Lunch, Poultry, Burst, Sour and hot, Fresh, Cake, Sushi, Mousse Cake, Pregnant women's diet

Fried ham with garlic moss

Food Material List 1 Garlic sprouts Three people to eat2 Ham sausage Look at the Hams

A family of three, Poultry, Refreshing, Milk fragrance, Cake

Chicken Wings in Spicy Pan fairly

Chicken wings in spicy saucepan is a very authentic dish. Its absolutely delicious and

Sichuan cuisine, A dish that goes with liquor, Pressure cooker recipe

Lovely bun bread

The budding rabbit is always the favorite for breakfast ~sometimes we are too disciplined and

Refreshing, Oven recipes, Meat 1, Korean cuisine 1

blueberry muffins creative

Originally this was a blueberry cheese muffin, which was seen in a video of a friend from Hong

Sour and hot, Refreshing, Afternoon tea 1, Oven recipes, Snack, Meat 1, Children and adolescents diet, Old age diet, Eggs, Creative dishes, Children, Kill children in seconds

Fresh fruit cake (without eggs)

Making such a cake is entirely because of her daughter, because her daughter is allergic to eggs,

Stir, Simmer, Seasoning

Very simple salad

Food Material List 1 cucumber 1 roots2 Pear 13 Hawthorn ointment 1 pieces Operational

Private dishes 1

Stewed chicken soup with white radish without fishy smell

Fathers home cooking, mothers taste... Food Material List 1 Broiler 500g2 Ternip 200g3 white

Burst, Sichuan cuisine, Refreshing, Sour and sweet, Mousse Cake

Lips and teeth fragrance - - garlic chicken wings

Gently bite on the tender and juicy chicken, light garlic fragrance, and a little sesame

Satisfy one's hunger, A Brief Answer to Easy Learning, A gourmet meal to be eaten in Beijing

Stir-fried bamboo slices with bacon

Food Material List 1 Fresh bamboo shoots 2 bacon Small pieces Operational steps 1 Shave

Christmas, Kidney-tonifying and Yang-strengthening, A couple must eat on a date

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