Asparagus, lean meat, black ginseng porridge Rapid breakfast

This is my temporary idea. The rice left over from lunch yesterday, and the black ginseng that I havent made, I want to deal with it. Besides, these things are all ingredients that can be made quickly. Drinking porridge in the morning is also more nutritious.

Food Material List

  • 1 Ingredients: Asparagus 50g
  • 2 lean meat 50g
  • 3 Black ginseng 60g
  • 4 rice 100g

Operational steps

  • 1 1. The ingredients are ready.
    Asparagus, lean meat,
  • 2 2. Cut black ginseng, lean meat, asparagus, scallion and ginger. Rice is the remaining cooked rice.
    Asparagus, lean meat,
  • 3 3. Scale up the rice after boiling water and boil it in five minutes. Put ginger, lean meat and black ginseng in turn. Put asparagus and wolfberry into the pot again. Put the onions in a bowl and then put them in a little crisp. OK.
    Asparagus, lean meat,

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