Babys favorite delicious banana pie

Babies love to eat

Food Material List

  • 1 Banana One
  • 2 Wonton Skin 6 sheets
  • 3 oil
  • 4 Hawthorn sauce can be replaced by tomato sauce

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare bananas, wonton skins
    Babys favorite delicious
  • 2 Cut the banana into four sections, each section into four pictures.
    Babys favorite delicious
  • 3 Cover the banana with wonton skin and knead tightly on both sides. Pour in the oil. The oil is heated to 90% heat. Deep-fry it in a pot until golden brown. Remove it. Wonton skin is thin. Dont fry it long.
    Babys favorite delicious
  • 4 Deep-fry until golden brown. Remove it.
    Babys favorite delicious
  • 5 Hawthorn sauce can be replaced by tomato sauce.
    Babys favorite delicious

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