Baked chicken with potatoes, tomatoes and carrots

Todays “hot and fresh” dish is a newly eaten dinner, because it tastes good, so I want to record it quickly. Ever since I had to cook my own meals, I was thinking about how to mix them to make Yiyi happy and eat more nutritious. Gourmet blogs are the quickest way to get inspiration. No, I saw this dish on Fendys blog, which she called “Super Delicious Chicken Legs Baked with Potatoes and Tomatoes”. Really, very delicious!!! Sweet and sour tomatoes, sweet carrot powder potatoes, just vanilla, butter and salt, simple condiments can create such a delicious, no wonder Yi will eat side praise: “Mom, this is delicious, um, really delicious!”

Food Material List

  • 1 Potato 500g
  • 2 Garden radish Half root
  • 3 tomato 250g
  • 4 Chicken (part with leg) 14 only

Operational steps

  • 1 Carrots and potatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces with hobs. Cook in boiling water and remove the drained water for use.

    Baked chicken with
  • 2 The bottom of the tomato is a cross, soaked in boiled hot water of potatoes and carrots for a while, picked up, peeled and cut into crescent shape.

    Baked chicken with
  • 3 Chicken boneless meat, cut into small pieces, fry in a pan until discolored (nothing needs to be put).

    Baked chicken with
  • 4 The baking tray is padded with tin paper. First, spread potatoes (slightly roughly the same size with your hands), then mix carrots, tomatoes, chicken, butter sticks, vanilla, sesame oil and salt.

    Baked chicken with
  • 5 Preheat the oven at 200 degrees and bake in the middle for about 30 minutes. (I dont want to bake too dry)

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