Blueberry Frozen Cheese Cake (without Gelatin)

I like eating Haagen-Dazs cake very much. I think I can make it by myself. I asked many people that I cant make frozen cheese cake with solid foundation. I was not satisfied. I chose a harder heart-shaped mould to challenge it. I cant find the gilletin I bought at home. I used marshmallow instead. Its sticky, in my opinion. Unexpectedly, it tastes super good and tastes better than Haagen Dazs.

Food Material List

  • 1 Digestive biscuits 100g
  • 2 Cream cheese 200g
  • 3 butter 50g
  • 4 Fine white granulated sugar 40g
  • 5 Fresh milk 100g
  • 6 Spun sugar 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare the ingredients as needed! Melt butter in hot water and set aside! Cotton candy melts in water!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 2 Put the digestive biscuits in a fresh-keeping bag. Its better to put another fresh-keeping bag on the outside to prevent crushing. Roll it into fine grains with a rolling pin!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 3 Pour the rolled digestive biscuits into the butter that has melted completely into liquid and stir it evenly with a scraper.
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 4 Pour the blended butter and digestive biscuits into the heart-shaped mould and press them flat with a scraper. Store in the refrigerator for about half an hour!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 5 Stir the cream cheese evenly and make it frosty!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 6 Add sugar and continue stirring with a scraper until it is completely fused together!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 7 Add milk twice and mix well.
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 8 Add melted marshmallow and stir in an egg beater until it dissolves completely!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 9 Remove the mould from the refrigeration room, pour the mixed cheese liquid into the mould and add the fruit you like. Then shake the mould slightly and blow out the bubbles! Cover with fresh-keeping film! Then put it in the freezer and freeze it for about two hours!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese
  • 10 Dang Dang! The finished product is out! Super invincible delicious! Its good to use a hot towel to wrap around the mould. I cut directly with a knife, which is very convenient, and there is no damage to the mold!
    Blueberry Frozen Cheese

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