Boiled eggs with shepherds purse flower in March

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 20 only
  • 2 Shepherds purse flower 50g
  • 3 chrysanthemum leaves Few
  • 4 Seasoning: Old smoke, salt, Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Boil the eggs and remove the shells. Rinse the chrysanthemum leaves and set aside.
    Boiled eggs with
  • 2 Place chrysanthemum leaves on the surface of eggs and wrap them tightly with gauze.
    Boiled eggs with
  • 3 Put the treated eggs into the pot, add water, salt, smoke regularly, wash the shepherds purse, and boil over high heat.
    Boiled eggs with
  • 4 After boiling over high heat, boil over low heat for 20 minutes.
    Boiled eggs with
  • 5 Eggs removed from gauze.
    Boiled eggs with

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