Braised Catfish and Shanghai Benbang Braised Vegetables

Braised salmon is a classic of Shanghai cuisine. There are many names of salmon. The familiar name of Jiangtuan is Sichuan peoples. It is called herring in Hubei and Xiyu in Guizhou, which are different. The gourd fish near Nantong near the mouth of the sea swim against the water, so the meat is very fat, pink and tender. The local people call Langshan Bai the top quality of gourd fish. When buying salmon, we should not buy black. We must choose the white one. The black one is called the spotted salmon. Both are salmon, but the white one eats meat and the black one eats all kinds of food. So the taste is totally different. Especially the black earth tastes very heavy and the taste is not good. Southerners do salmon most compelling is white juice salmon, because white juice, so go fishy is the chefs ability, Baidu can now of course Baidu on many practices is also a big boom, but as a food to tell you how to eat and how to do, but also to tell you some things to keep good, after all, eating goods is also a mans responsibility. . Its relatively easy to cook in red. After all, the problem of removing the fishy smell by boiling for a long time is not serious. Speaking of Shanghai Benbang dishes, if you think of fried fish, soy sauce, water, sugar, juice, onions, then you cant cook the stewed fish for another 100 years. Red stew is a common dish in Shanghai, but there are many famous classics in it. Otherwise, how can it become a famous dish? Left-handed sugar cans, right-handed soy sauce bottles, can not make this delicacy. If you think that Shanghai Benbang is red sauce with thick oil, then you are wrong. Shanghais thick oil will have strong oil on specific occasions. Red sauce gives you a pleasure of red sauce color. Red-roasted gourd only has red sauce but not rich oil. Therefore, the characteristics of Shanghai Benbang dishes are not red sauce with thick oil, but the kind of strong-flavored tap sauce. Good taps depend on food, sugar and water ratio, as well as exquisite fire to get, indispensable. Soup juice is almost “natural” to synthesize a thick, delicate, glue-like, viscous brine juice, which is absolutely impossible for you to achieve. Shanghai cuisines kungfu is to see if you make this tap sauce tasty enough. As for the production process of this braised salmon, it will be very complicated. Ill make a simple one here, but as long as the fire is in place, you can make any Shanghai local dishes.

Food Material List

  • 1 Langshan white catfish
  • 2 Ginger and onion

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and cut the fish into pieces, then add scallion and ginger wine to the water temperature of about 80 degrees, pour into the fish and scald it for two minutes. Remove it, wipe the mucus off the fish surface with a wire ball, and then wash it clean.
  • 2 Add oil to the pan, pour scallions and ginger into the frying aroma, then fish out, pour into the salmon and stir-fry, spray into the cooking wine.
  • 3 Add soup into the pot, of course, mineral water can also be used, and then pour in vinegar, a lot of old sauce and sugar, and boil over high heat.
  • 4 Slowly simmer the fish until it tastes good, then open a big fire to collect the juice, tap sauce, sprinkle with some oil to brighten and plate.

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