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Today Im going to introduce you to the red-cooked paddling. What is paddling? I think most pot friends should know it. Its the fish tail. Fishtail is called paddling because it is used to paddle around all the time. And because it often moves, this part of live meat is very delicious and tender. I was planning to buy some fish a few years ago, and I was hesitant about whether to buy the middle or tail of grass carp. A very old man next to you said that if you cook red sauce, you can buy a tail, because its live meat, so its delicious. Shanghai people like to eat paddling. If you make smoked fish, you can only buy the middle section. In fact, I think buying tails is a very economical and affordable thing. If I happen to meet someone who bought the top part with only one tail left, I usually dont hesitate to buy it, even the tail of a fat head fish is very good. The tail of fat head fish is easier to buy, because many people use it to make fish head soup, so the tail is easy to leave, then a tail can be done for only four or five yuan. My tail was bought by Wen Da when he went shopping. He said: First he bought a whole grass carp middle section, which cost 26 yuan. Later, the shopkeeper said, “Add 4 yuan, you can take the head and tail of the fish.” He thought it was a good deal and spent 30 yuan to bring home the whole fish. He buys more vegetables than I do. I dont usually buy a whole fish like him. After he bought it that day, I washed the fish head and bones and cooked a bowl of soup, which was very delicious. The fishs tail is red-cooked because it is as delicious as it is eaten the next day, and the meat is more delicious and compact.

Food Material List

  • 1 Grass carp tail One article

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and drain the grass carp tail (when I bought it, the stall owner split the middle of it into two tails)
  • 2 Cut scallions, scallions, ginger slices
  • 3 Heat the pan over heat and pour in some oil (depending on the size of the fish)
  • 4 When the oil is 70/80% hot, add a part of the scallion to stir-fry, and place the skin of the fish toward the bottom of the fish tail. (If the oil cant fry all the fish, dont move the fish. Turn the pan and let the oil fry every part of the fish.)
  • 5 Turn to medium-low heat and fry thoroughly (see if the fish on the side turns white to see if its almost cooked)
  • 6 Carefully turn it over and fry the other side thoroughly. Add wine, scallion and ginger.
  • 7 Add old and raw sauces (ratio 1:2), a small amount of salt, add a little water and simmer for about two or three minutes.
  • 8 If the tail is bigger, turn it over and cook it again.
  • 9 Sugar, fire, sauce, MSG, sprinkle onions on it.


1. I use grass carp tail this time. If its fat head fishs tail, its the same. The fat head fishs tail is very delicious.
2. Fish frying thoroughly can make the burnt fish not fishy, but also easy to keep the fishs appearance
3. How to see whether the fish frying thoroughly, is to see whether the fish in the side part of the fish discoloration, whitening shows that it has been thoroughly
4. Family cooking generally does not need a lot of oil, one is afraid of waste, the other is not good for the body. So when frying fish, if there is no place to fry, turn the pan to let the oil flow past and fry the whole fish. Never move the fish. At this time, the fish has not yet settled
5, which is easy to break shape. Be careful when turning over and boiling. At this time, the fish is a little soft and easy to break phase. When turning over, hold the spade over the fish and turn it over a little decisively. If it is not turned over, another way is to pour the soup on the fish continuously, which can also have the same effect
6. The tail is split into two tails, which is not only better looking, but also easier to burn because it is thinner and tastier.

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