Brine meat Maotai

When I received this tasty Shida sauce and fragrance sample, I wanted to make a delicate dish well, but I didnt know how to start when I did. This time, I brought you a very simple delicacy that I thought was very simple. My little boy God liked a meat dish very much. It was made in a pressure cooker. Come on, its very simple and time-saving. The fragrance fills the room.

Food Material List

  • 1 Streaky pork ~
  • 2 Weishida Maotai and Fresh Soy Sauce ~
  • 3 Chinese cinnamon ~
  • 4 Star anise ~
  • 5 Garlic clove ~
  • 6 Sugar ~
  • 7 Fragrant leaf ~
  • 8 Cooking wine ~
  • 9 Clean water ~

Operational steps

  • 1 Buy back meat, cut into pieces, depending on your preferences, I cut it into three fingers wide.
    Brine meat Maotai
  • 2 Boil water in the pot, put the cut meat into it, add some cooking wine and burn it to remove the blood and fishy smell.
    Brine meat Maotai
  • 3 The burnt meat is washed with cold water to clean the surface floats and put into the pressure cooker.
    Brine meat Maotai
  • 4 This is the material required.
    Brine meat Maotai
  • 5 Add all the necessary materials into the pot, then add a small bowl of water, cover the lid, open the fire induction cooker 1200, two minutes after the start of exhaust, you can smell the fragrance, I only pressed for five minutes to close, and then it will automatically open after the exhaust.
    Brine meat Maotai
  • 6 You see, the stewed meat made with sauce flavor is very beautiful in colour and taste, and it really tastes good.
    Brine meat Maotai
  • 7 Every time I add more ingredients and make more soup, my little God likes to use it to mix dry rice.
    Brine meat Maotai
  • 8 To draw a finished product map
    Brine meat Maotai

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