Brown sugar chestnut cake

Mid-Autumn Festival, a person at home is very boring, a few days ago went to the eldest relatives home with some chestnuts back, just cut the cake, but actually hands blistered.

Food Material List

  • 1 Strong flour 200g
  • 2 yeast 2G
  • 3 Sugar 2G
  • 4 salt 1g
  • 5 sesame
  • 6 Brown sugar
  • 7 Chinese chestnut

Operational steps

  • 1 Brown sugar, sesame and chestnut, depending on personal preferences
    Brown sugar chestnut
  • 2 The flour is kneaded, smoothed and fermented twice, then divided into the size you want, and packed after 10 minutes.
    Brown sugar chestnut
  • 3 Electric biscuit brushes with thin oil, turn over in three or four minutes, and it will be ready in ten minutes.
    Brown sugar chestnut
  • 4 It seems that there is little brown sugar.
    Brown sugar chestnut

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