Brown Sugar Coconut Rice Cake Panasonic Baking School of Magic

After making the brown sugar New Year cake last time, the boy kept thinking about it. He said that yesterday I finally started making brown sugar cake again. This time, I added water to brown sugar directly to make juice. Then use it to cook and knead glutinous rice directly. But this time Im too busy. It should be rubbed again and the brown sugar cake will be much thinner. But its also good for the crushed rice in the cake. Let this glutinous brown sugar cake have a more taste. If you like it first, you can also take part in it. This time I am 500 grams of rice, with 60 grams of brown sugar, the taste is not so sweet. Sweet friends must increase the amount of brown sugar. Of course, if it is too light, we can also wrap it in the outside after shaping. Sugar.

Food Material List

  • 1 Glutinous rice 400g
  • 2 Brown sugar 50g
  • 3 Sugar 10g
  • 4 Clean water 200g

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare the materials for use.
    Brown Sugar Coconut
  • 2 Rinse the brown sugar in boiling water, mix it until it melts, and then soak the rice in clear water one night earlier.
    Brown Sugar Coconut
  • 3 Add the soaked rice to the bread barrel.
    Brown Sugar Coconut
  • 4 Then add the mixed sugar water.
    Brown Sugar Coconut
  • 5 Back in the bread machine, choose the New Year cake key.
    Brown Sugar Coconut
  • 6 Rub into glutinous rice dough.
    Brown Sugar Coconut
  • 7 Remove the barrel from the mould and change the knife after cooling and setting.
    Brown Sugar Coconut
  • 8 Finally wrap it with coconut flavor.
    Brown Sugar Coconut

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