Chaoshan flavored stewed pork

Food Material List

  • 1 Streaky pork One article
  • 2 Brine juice A small bottle
  • 3 Soy sauce Half bottle

Operational steps

  • 1 Get everything ready. I dont have peppers in the fridge. Pour the brine into the pot. I bought a big bottle, so I used half bottle. Half to one bottle of soy sauce (depending on how much you bring in), and then add a few bowls of water, I add about four bowls, otherwise the meat will be very salty. Then put all the anise, sweet leaves, ginger, garlic and pepper in it. Boil the fire, boil the small fire, cook the sauce quickly. Oh, do not leave too long, then put the pork in, put 5 tablespoons of sugar, stir it, slowly cook it in the medium heat, cook it almost until the discoloration is small, cover the pot, cook for one hour, and the time is long.
    Chaoshan flavored stewed
  • 2 After boiling, the color is like this. Fish the meat into a plate and cool it. The remaining brine juice can be filled in a small pot or a large bowl. Next time, it can be used again. Brine eggs, duck sausage and dried beans can be used. Stir-fried vegetables can also be seasoned.
    Chaoshan flavored stewed
  • 3 The stewed pork was slightly cooled and cut into pieces. You can eat it right away. If you dont think its salty enough, you can use a spoon to pour some brine juice over the meat. If its cold, it can be heated.
    Chaoshan flavored stewed

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