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Beijing cuisine

Reversed Sushi

Look at the sushi shop at the school gate and steal a lesson Food Material List 1 Sushi seaweed One 2 Glutinous rice Half bowl Operational steps 1 Place the bamboo curtain flat on the table, spread a piece of Shanghai moss, then evenly spread a thin layer of rice, not too much, pay attention …

Beijing cuisine

Braised red bean with copper Gong

Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 120g 2 Granulated sugar 80g 3 Egg 2 4 Baking powder 4G 5 butter 10g 6 Honey 4G Operational steps 1 Butter melting standby 2 Beat eggs, add sugar, honey, and mix well. 3 Add butter, sift in flour, mix well, seal and refrigerate for 30 minutes. 4 After …

Beijing cuisine

Laver rice

Food Material List 1 Steamed Rice 1 bowls 2 Roasted laver Operational steps 1 Cut carrots, cucumbers and ham into slices and marinate them with salt; stir-fry eggs and chill them. 2 The rice is spread evenly on the laver, spread with thousand island sauce, and put the last step to one side. Roll up …