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Fried crucian carp

There are fresh crucian carp at home. Make something delicious. Its easy to make. Food Material List 1 Crucian carp Several articles 2 Corn meal Some Operational steps 1 Marinate crucian carp and add ingredients. 2 Separate the fish and evenly dip them in cornmeal. 3 No oil, directly discharging cake pan-frying. 4 Cooked, delicious …


Steamed scallop with garlic paste

Food Material List 1 Fans 100g 2 Scallop in Shell 4 only 3 garlic 0.5 4 single garlic 2 5 oil 100g 6 Yellow Wine 50ml 7 shredded ginger 10g 8 Steamed fish sauce oil Operational steps 1 Wash scallops and soak them in ginger and rice wine for 10 minutes. 2 Garlic and garlic …


Butter cookies

Why is Jenny Cookie so popular in Hong Kong? We can do it ourselves. Hiahia Food Material List 1 Strong flour 200g 2 White granulated sugar 50g 3 Granulated sugar powder 40g 4 Egg 1 5 salt 2G 6 Salad oil 20g 7 Whole milk 40g 8 butter 100g 9 Crispy flour 50g Operational steps …


Stir-fried crab meal with vegetable

Food Material List 1 Potato 1 2 Carrot 1 heel 3 Egg 3 Operational steps 1 Cut up the mushrooms and live with the shredded eggs! Stir-fry in a frying pan! 2 Turn the right potatoes into mud! Spare 3 Make carrots for mud. 4 Stir-fry the scallions in a pot. Stir-fry the carrot puree, …


Arctic shrimp

Food Material List 1 Arctic shrimp 250g 2 Shallot silk 3 shredded ginger Operational steps 1 Arctic shrimp thawing 2 Rinse well after thawing, set the plate, sprinkle with ginger and onion shreds, and microwave for three minutes. Tips


Cool down, eat some seafood and taste some fresh-sauce fried eel

Oh, in a twinkling of an eye, its December Goodbye November! HelloDecember! The temperature also becomes more cold, the fingers become stiff, and the dough rubbing things become more lazy. I prefer to hide in the kitchen in front of the kitchen, holding a shovel. I like the heat brought by the fire. I prefer …


Pimpled pork shreds

Im tired of eating big fish and big meat for the New Year. Have a light one. Can you see what this is fried? Food Material List 1 Pickled knots One 2 Streaky pork Appropriate amount 3 Ginger powder Appropriate amount 4 Onion shredded Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 This is what we are talking …


Braised yellow croaker

Food Material List 1 Yellow croaker One article 2 Onion Appropriate amount 3 Mustard tuber Appropriate amount 4 Peanut meat Appropriate amount 5 salt Appropriate amount 6 Oyster sauce Appropriate amount 7 Vinegar Few 8 sugar Few 9 oil Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 I will pat the croaker with the knife back to eat …


Boiled clam with bean curd pickled cabbage

In summer, fresh shellfish is used to cook the soup along our coast. The bottom of the soup is delicious and tasty. Then we can add ingredients according to our personal preferences. Chaoshan pickles and tofu are good ingredients for cooking the soup in my home. In this way, Chaoshan pickles and tofu are good …