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Eat two shrimps

Food Material List 1 Macrobrachium 1 jin 2 Salad oil Operational steps 1 Shrimp peeled and washed into shrimps, half chopped with a knife, add scallion, ginger, rice, alcohol salt, egg white and dry starch, stir into shrimp glue. The other half is marinated with refined salt liquor and monosodium glutamate. 2 Dried starch flour, …


Onion Eggs

Food Material List 1 Three eggs 2 Two shallots 3 salt 4 monosodium glutamate 5 oil Operational steps 1 First, stir the egg root and scallions evenly, then turn on the fire, add oil, etc. Pour the eggs into the pan and fry them for 3 minutes, then fry them on the opposite side for …


Home-cooked pork

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork A Jin 2 Dried beans 3 Dry pepper 4 Star anise 5 Sichuan Pepper Operational steps 1 Cut pork into dices 2 Soak dried beans in water 3 Put down the spices, fry in a pan, add sugar and colour. 4 Stir-fry in pan 5 Add dried beans and …


Cucumber mixed with ears

Food Material List 1 cucumber Two roots 2 Black fungus Appropriate amount 3 Tremella Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Cucumber shredding. Rinse and tear the foamed agaric Tremella into small pieces. Add salt, monosodium glutamate, rice, vinegar, sesame sauce and mix evenly for five minutes. Tips


Chilled Lemon Chicken

This dish is one of the Dai dishes in Yunnan. I often eat it, but seldom do it by myself. I made it myself once, very delicious. Chicken leg meat with lemon fragrance, I promise you will be completely convinced. Food Material List 1 Drumsticks 4 only 2 cucumber 1 article 3 Cherry Tomatoes 10 …


Fast Pineapple Pie: Beautiful Cook

Food Material List 1 Flying cake skin 4 sheets 2 pineapple Operational steps 1 Cut pineapple into pieces, add cinnamon powder and boil in sugar water. 2 Mix in corn starch water and continue with a wooden shovel while boiling to avoid sticking to the pot. Cook until sticky and cool off. 3 Four flying …


Bacon fried garlic moss

Food Material List 1 Garlic sprouts A handful of 2 Bacon Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 First, slice the bacon and steamed it in water. 2 While steaming bacon, wash garlic moss and cut it into 4 cm segments. 3 Pot hot, add appropriate amount of oil, 80% hot when fragrant pepper, heat should not …


Tomato Preserved Vegetable Egg Soup

Food Material List 1 tomato One 2 Mustard tuber A handful 3 Egg One Operational steps 1 Cut tomatoes into pieces 2 Eggs break up 3 Pot into oil, oil hot into tomatoes stir-fry, add water, boil, add mustard, salt, add cover and braise for about three minutes, add egg liquid, add monosodium glutamate, drizzle …


Scrambled Eggs with Carrots

The dregs were taken, but they tasted good. They were simple, cheap and nutritious. They must be supplemented by Zhang Liangtuha in the future.~ Food Material List 1 Carrot Appropriate amount 2 Egg 4 Operational steps 1 Carrots are sliced and shredded, and then cut into small grains with a knife. Beat the eggs into …


Fried eggs with preserved pork

I like fried eggs with preserved vegetables, no meat outside, I add meat and meat!! Food Material List 1 Pork Appropriate amount 2 Dried radish Appropriate amount 3 Egg 2-3 Operational steps 1 Chop dried radish, cut pork as small as possible or chop (marinate with salt), beat eggs in a bowl and stir the …