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Private dishes

Chicken shredded cold noodles

Food Material List 1 noodle 300g 2 Cooked chicken shreds 100g 3 Mungbean sprout 120g 4 Cucumber shredded 2 tablespoons (30g) 5 Peanut shredded (fried) 1 tablespoon (15g) Operational steps 1 When noodles are boiled in boiling water, they should not be boiled too soft. Remove them and put a little salad oil on the …

Private dishes

Sausage Spring Bud Fried Egg

Food Material List 1 green shoots Appropriate amount 2 Egg Appropriate amount 3 Sausage Appropriate amount 4 Chopped green onion Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Spring buds are washed and the tenderest parts are chopped (it is better not to grow old leaves, which will affect the taste). 2 Cut the scallions in reserve and …

Private dishes

Shrimp Ball with Sichuan Juice

Food Material List 1 Medium-sized fresh shrimp 500g Operational steps 1 Fresh shrimp head, shell, only tail part, with a knife tip or toothpick to remove the shrimp intestines, with a knife cut from the back of shrimp 2/3, take out the shrimp line. 2 Open a mouth 0.5 cm away from the head and …