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Private dishes

With a glib tongue

Food Material List 1 Amorphophallus albus 200g 2 Chinese cabbage 80g Operational steps 1 Wash white konjac with warm water and cut it into 1*3 cm pieces. Put it on a plate as evenly as possible. 2 Wash the water cabbage, remove the roots and leaves, cut the cabbage into 1*3 cm long strips and …

Private dishes

Caragana sour and hot tomato fish soup

I think the soup is a little salty when I make it, so I need to dilute it. But the fish fillets dipped in are really delicious. HOHOHOHO ~I hope everyone has a good time. Food Material List 1 Riverfish (such as roffee, bass, etc.) One article 2 Tomatoes (number determined by taste) 3 lemon …