Creative Egg Soup Searching for the Smart Steamer

The simplest steamed dish, egg custard, gives full play to your imagination and creativity, creates your own food art with simple ingredients, adds a little spice to life, and creates with children, which can enhance the communication between parents and children, and give full play to childrens imagination space, and act quickly. Create Creative Egg Soup~

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 2
  • 2 Clean water Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Beat the eggs, add the same amount of water and a little salt as the eggs, and mix well.
    Creative Egg Soup
  • 2 Fill eggs twice
    Creative Egg Soup
  • 3 Pour into container, 8% full, covered with fresh-keeping film, steamed in steaming pot for 10 minutes, take out.
    Creative Egg Soup
  • 4 Egg custard: Carrot is used to carve out the cockscomb, mouth and small red-faced horn, seaweed is cut into two small circles to make eyes, cucumber skin carves out the shape of chicken feet.
    Creative Egg Soup
  • 5 Little Bear Egg Soup: Carrots, cheese slices, cucumber skin, seaweed.
    Creative Egg Soup
  • 6 Dragon Cat Egg Soup: Cucumber, cheese, seaweed.
    Creative Egg Soup
  • 7 Girls Back: Cocoa powder into paste, with toothpicks to draw the line of the head, rose petals in the shape of a skirt, its amazing.~
    Creative Egg Soup

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