Crispy yellow croaker

My favorite food is fried fish, tender meat, crisp skin, with a bowl of porridge – life can not be more perfect!

Food Material List

  • 1 Small yellow croaker 750g
  • 2 Egg 1
  • 3 flour 100g
  • 4 seed powder of Chinese prickly ash 15g
  • 5 Zanthoxylum bungeanum 10
  • 6 salt 6g

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and cut off the head of the small fish and clean them. Put them in a container, add pepper seeds, pepper powder and salt, mix well and marinate for a while. Fifteen minutes is enough.
    Crispy yellow croaker
  • 2 Break up the eggs and pour the egg juice into the basin. Mix well. Mix in the flour.
    Crispy yellow croaker
  • 3 Cool oil in hot pot. When the oil is heated for five minutes, pour the fish into the pot and fry it to light yellow. Remove it. When the oil temperature rises, pour it into the pot and fry it again.
    Crispy yellow croaker
  • 4 Crispy fish, kittens are hungry.
    Crispy yellow croaker
  • 5 Delicious and visible
    Crispy yellow croaker

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