Delicious Fried Australian Steak

Food Material List

  • 1 Australian tender steak
  • 2 Salt (preferably sea salt)
  • 3 Black pepper
  • 4 Olive oil

Operational steps

  • 1 The whole Australian and cattle were cut with a sharp knife to remove the surface fascia and cut into thick slices (2cm is the best).
    Delicious Fried Australian
  • 2 Use a sharp knife point to stab down the steak surface. Be careful not to penetrate the bottom.
    Delicious Fried Australian
  • 3 Sprinkle a little salt and black pepper, then pour in some olive oil and marinate for a while.
    Delicious Fried Australian
  • 4 Thick pans (better if theres a special kind of pan for steak) preheat large hotpots.
    Delicious Fried Australian
  • 5 When the bottom of the pan is very hot, put the steak in it (there is no need for oil in the pan). Keep the steak on medium heat for about a minute or two. See the steak on the upward side start to bleed and turn over.
    Delicious Fried Australian
  • 6 Cook for about half a minute. It is a very original steak flavor. It can be eaten directly in pieces or with some vegetables and fruits. The steak cooked in this way is about half cooked.
    Delicious Fried Australian


1. It is better to fry steak in a pan with a thicker bottom. The pan needs to be preheated beforehand and burned very hot. Only when the steak is put into the pan can the beef surface be instantly sealed and the gravy be locked. Only in this way can the steak be tender and juicy. When frying the steak, remember not to put too many pieces in the pot at a time, you should leave some space for the steak. Because too many steaks go into the pot together, the heat of the pot drops rapidly. The temperature is too low to lock the surface of the beef quickly, so the gravy will flow out and become “stewed” steak.
2. When steak is in the pot, dont rush to turn it over. Look carefully at the surface of the steak, and see the blood and water coming out on the surface of the steak. It means that the heat has penetrated the whole steak, and then you can turn it over.
3. When frying, distinguish the tenderness of steak, do not use the method of cutting to see, while frying, cutting to see will cause the loss of gravy, affecting tenderness. The correct method should be based on the hardness of fried steak meat to distinguish, with a wooden shovel or fork to press the meat, the softer the more raw, the harder the riper.

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