Egg leek cake

Food Material List

  • 1 Leek Appropriate amount
  • 2 minced pork Few
  • 3 Free range eggs Two
  • 4 flour Two spoons of large soup

Operational steps

  • 1 Half done before I remembered to take pictures! This step is wordy. First, wash and chop the leek. Unlike others, I will mix the leek with flour at this time. Then add salt, pepper and pepper powder to the flour, mix well, then add two eggs and continue to mix. When the egg juice and flour leek are stirred evenly, it will be OK. Add water, add a little bit, and mix quickly, so that there will be no small knots in the mixing, and finally you can put in the meat foam, mix well and cover it for about fifteen minutes.
    Egg leek cake
  • 2 Wash and dry the pan, drip a little oil into it, heat it up, pour in a spoon of paste and fry it slowly on a small fire.
    Egg leek cake
  • 3 It feels like the bottom has coagulated and formed, so it can be turned over.
    Egg leek cake
  • 4 Cooked leek egg cake, tender inside the coke, the girl ate three in one breath!
    Egg leek cake

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