Night snack

10 inches/8 inches of cocoa

Grandmas birthday, many people in the family, to make a square 8 inch cocoa cake, but hardship can not find a prescription, they finally matched with luck, the result is very successful, I only put 15g cocoa powder, the color baked too light, cocoa taste a little light, plus 5 to 10 grams more appropriate, see personal preferences. Make sure you use a large basin and a large basin. Finally, it will be a super large basin of cake paste.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg yolk paste
  • 2 Yolk 8
  • 3 Salad oil 92g
  • 4 salt 2G
  • 5 sugar 31G
  • 6 Low powder 132g
  • 7 corn starch 15g
  • 8 Cocoa powder 20-25g
  • 9 milk 123G
  • 10 Protein paste
  • 11 protein 8
  • 12 sugar 122g

Operational steps

  • 1 1. 92 g milk is added to the bowl and dissolved with 31 g sugar. If it is granulated sugar, heat it in the microwave oven for one minute < br /> 2. Heat the salad oil for one minute, add 1 and stir < br /> 3. Eight eggs, egg yolk separated in an anhydrous container < br /> 4. Eight yolks were salted and dispersed, then added into them < br /> 5 twice. Starch, corn starch and cocoa powder are sifted and added in 4. According to the consistency, 31G milk is added to increase or decrease as the case may be. Adding 3G baking powder can also avoid adding < br /> 6. Whip the protein, add 122 g Sugar several times, whisk until stiff. Adding 2G tower powder can also avoid adding < br /> 7. Add the egg yolk paste three times, and pour it into the egg yolk paste for the last time. Turn it over and dont circle it. A few shocks shook the bubbles out.
    8. Preheat the oven 180 degrees for 5 minutes < br /> 9. Put the oven on the bottom second floor and fire it up and down at 125 degrees for 60 minutes. My home is LG25L oven. Cover tin paper for about 40 minutes and decide by color.
    10 inches/8 inches

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