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10 Minutes Fast Dessert – Mango Ice Cream

Summer is coming, and Ice Cream is almost a daily must. Iri is still young. If she doesnt want to eat the ice-cream she bought outside, she will come to DIY and buy an ice-cream machine by herself. This time, its more convenient to do it. ~Beat the butter, cut some fruit and pour it into the ice-cream machine one after another. If she wants to eat it, it will be better in ten minutes. If its harder, wait a little longer or freeze it in the fridge. Dig with a spoon and its a delicious ice-cream ball.~~~~

Food Material List

  • 1 mango puree 150g
  • 2 Berry sugar 50g
  • 3 whipping cream 250g
  • 4 milk 150g

Operational steps

  • 1 Peel the mango and put it in the juicer. Add 150 grams of milk.
    10 Minutes Fast
  • 2 Mix together into mango paste, set aside
    10 Minutes Fast
  • 3 Light butter and sugar until slightly fluidity
    10 Minutes Fast
  • 4 Mix the mango puree in light cream
    10 Minutes Fast
  • 5 Slowly pour into the startup ice cream machine (the ice cream bucket is in the fridge for 18 hours beforehand)
    10 Minutes Fast


1. If there is no ice cream machine, put it in the refrigerator directly and < br > take it out every 20-30 minutes to stir < br > 2. So it will be very soft to repeat 3-4 times ~ < br >.

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