20 minutes homemade mooncake (a whole yolk yolk yolk yolk yolk yolk!)

Because love to eat yolk, so it is a whole yolk oh!

Food Material List

  • 1 Plain flour 165G
  • 2 Edible oil 50g
  • 3 golden syrup 115g
  • 4 Jian Shui 3G
  • 5 Salted Egg Yolk 18
  • 6 Fillings 250g (one and a half packs)

Operational steps

  • 1 Add oil, syrup and maple water together in a pot according to the amount of quantity, stir evenly, then pour in the amount of flour, stir again, will form a light yellow dough, packed in fresh-keeping bags. Wait 2 hours.
    20 minutes homemade
  • 2 Take a yolk and stuffing and prepare to weigh it. No matter how heavy the yolk is, add 35 g stuffing to it. Just wrap the stuffing like dumplings and wrap the yolk up.
    20 minutes homemade
  • 3 Wait for 2 hours for skin, each is 15 g (if the handicraft is not too good, add egg yolk 30g, skin 20g)
    wrap up the stuffing wrapped before with skin like dumpling again, rub round, then coat a little powder on the skin, press with the mould (remember one hand holding the bottom of the mould, one hand pressing, two pressing). Secondly, push hard, then release the mould and gently push it out. It is suggested to push it out by injection.
    20 minutes homemade
  • 4 First use the upper 200 degrees, 5 minutes, then take out, thin brush on the egg liquid (whole yolk) and put it in the middle 165 degrees, 15 minutes, see the oven to decide! Ps: If the time is not too dark, cover it with tinfoil so that it wont get darker.
    20 minutes homemade
  • 5 Be accomplished! Its better to return oil for a day or two.
    20 minutes homemade
  • 6 Da Da Da!
    20 minutes homemade

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