8 inch sponge cake

Teacher Xiao Hou of Japan made a sponge cake. Her square is 18cm. I changed it into an 8-inch model. I can also make a 6-inch round cake with a 6-inch heart just right. Ive done it countless times and its very useful. Its simple.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 4
  • 2 White granulated sugar 148g
  • 3 Water molasses 8g
  • 4 Low-gluten flour 135g
  • 5 Salad oil 35g
  • 6 milk 54G

Operational steps

  • 1 Preparations: 1. Starch screening three times 2. Water bait soaking in warm water 3. Eggs in warm water 4. Milk salad oil mixture in warm water
  • 2 Add sugar to the eggs and scatter them.
  • 3 Add bait
  • 4 The whole egg bowl is placed in a hot pot (not on fire) and told to beat with an electric egg beater.
  • 5 When the egg juice turns white, writing an 8-word will not disappear. Just type it, and then type it at a low speed for another minute. The beaten egg liquid should be inserted with a toothpick and not fall.
  • 6 Add flour at one time and mix well with a scraper.
  • 7 Add the milk salad oil mixture and mix well with a scraper.
  • 8 Pour in the mould, put a towel on the table, then let the mould fall freely and fall out of the bubbles.
  • 9 Place in preheated oven, middle and lower layers (penultimate layer), 175 degrees for 35 minutes.
  • 10 Take out the oven immediately after baking and put it upside down on the baking net. Isocooled demoulding


To make sponge cakes, the temperature of batter is the key. If there is no heating in the South and the weather is cold, the so-called normal temperature eggs are actually similar to refrigerated eggs. They must be soaked in hot water with shells.

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