Cold Dishes

A Gorgeous Turn of Leftover Food-Wujiang Preserved Vegetable

There is leftovers at home. The usual solution is fried rice with eggs. A bowl of cold leftovers overnight, fried with eggs, became fragrant and hot. Yesterday, when I went to the supermarket to buy food, I bought small packages of mustard for breakfast. At noon today, we cooked fried rice with the leftovers and half-packed mustard tuber. Because of the crispness of the added mustard tuber, fried rice with eggs becomes more fragrant.

Food Material List

  • 1 Steamed Rice Bowl
  • 2 Egg One
  • 3 Mustard tuber Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut shredded mustard in Wujiang, soak peas in water for thawing, and beat eggs with a little salt into egg juice.
    A Gorgeous Turn
  • 2 Put oil in the pan and stir-fry the egg mixture until the egg mixture condenses into small pieces. Stir-fry until fragrant.
    A Gorgeous Turn
  • 3 Drain the tender peas, put them in the pot, stir-fry slightly over medium heat, then pour in the pickles and stir-fry together, and finally put in the rice, and stir-fry the rice thoroughly.
    A Gorgeous Turn
  • 4 Writing production steps
    A Gorgeous Turn
  • 5 Stir-fry the eggs, sprinkle with diced red pepper and a little salt until stir-fry well.
    A Gorgeous Turn
  • 6 Flourish.
    A Gorgeous Turn
  • 7 Writing production steps
    A Gorgeous Turn

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