Night snack

A refreshing egg and vegetable salad

Fresh and refreshing salad with only pepper, salt, rice vinegar and olive oil adds nuts to it. Its rich, nutritious and tasty.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg Two
  • 2 Bitter Chrysanthemum Appropriate amount
  • 3 Cherry Tomatoes 5
  • 4 Cherry Radish Appropriate amount
  • 5 Nut Few
  • 6 Corn grain Appropriate amount
  • 7 peas Appropriate amount
  • 8 Black pepper 2G
  • 9 salt 3G
  • 10 Olive oil 2 spoons
  • 11 Rice vinegar 2 spoons
  • 12 Mustard oil Few

Operational steps

  • 1 Vegetables washed and water-controlled, cut into the desired shape, Cherry Radish I cut round slices, more beautiful, bitter chrysanthemum with the hand tear, tear, cut into small petals, stand by.
    A refreshing egg
  • 2 Boil water in a small pot, cook peas and raw corn kernels, and set aside for water control.
    A refreshing egg
  • 3 Eggs are boiled in a cold water pot for 5 minutes and stewed for 10 minutes in a small heat. Rinsed with cold water, the eggs can be peeled off and perfectly boiled. Eggs are also cut into pieces for reserve.
    A refreshing egg
  • 4 Place bitter chrysanthemum and radish on the bottom of the bowl
    A refreshing egg
  • 5 Then put in the saints and peas, corn kernels.
    A refreshing egg
  • 6 Add eggs, peas and corn kernels, ornament saints and bitter chrysanthemum leaves, sprinkle nuts, I put almonds, can also put other nuts, as long as you like, olive oil, rice vinegar, mustard oil and salt mixed evenly on the vegetables, sprinkle black pepper on the surface, the perfect refreshing salad is ready,
    A refreshing egg
  • 7 Is it beautiful to serve the table like this?
    A refreshing egg
  • 8 Mix well when you eat.
    A refreshing egg
  • 9 Spring salad, very fresh bar
    A refreshing egg
  • 10 It tastes delicious and shows the taste of the vegetable itself. I like it very much.
    A refreshing egg

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