After-school snack-fried hot dog

Suddenly I miss the bread with ham sausage and disposable chopsticks that I had eaten when I was a child, but I bought it a long time ago. I happened to see it on TV. Ill learn it and share it with you.~

Food Material List

  • 1 High gluten powder 250g
  • 2 water 120g
  • 3 butter 25g
  • 4 Dry yeast 3G
  • 5 sugar 10g
  • 6 Sausage Appropriate amount
  • 7 Egg 20g
  • 8 milk 20g

Operational steps

  • 1 Heres a picture of nostalgia. Its the same as what youve eaten in the past. ~ < br /> Step Map for replenishment~
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 2 Weigh all kinds of materials in advance. Take butter and milk out of the refrigerator 30 minutes in advance and place them at room temperature. Flour should not be sifted.
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 3 Pour 250g bread into a larger bowl or bowl with high-gluten flour. Reserve ~3g yeast, 10g sugar, and turn yeast into warm water at about 35 degrees Celsius.
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 4 Add 25g butter to the flour and one egg is < br /> (add one if the egg is small, half of the egg will be beaten)
    pour yeast solution into a bowl, stir, add water, the proportion of water is half of the flour, about 120g, stir into a ball, add 20g milk, and continue to knead into a ball ~ < br /> (knead noodles). When dough is in use, it can be folded from the corner of the dough to the center.
    I think that if you use a local egg, one will be OK, because the local egg is relatively small. If you use an egg, you can put half of it. I use one of the mixed flour, and add a lot of flour to it.
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 5 Put the dough in a bowl, cover it with a cloth and wake up for < br /> (10 minutes in summer and 10 minutes in winter)< br /> Its cold recently. When I made it yesterday, I woke up for a long time!!
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 6 When you wake up, you can handle the sausage, which is the hot dog sausage bought by the supermarket. Second, fry the noodles in oil, and then fry them a little. Then you can ~ < br /> the fried sausage is put on with bamboo sticks and set aside.~
  • 7 Wake up the dough, put it on the chopping board, cut it into strips with a knife, sprinkle some flour on the chopping board, rub slightly hard, rub smooth noodles, pull the agent, hold the smooth surface of the agent in the palm of your hand, knead clockwise on the panel.
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 8 After rubbing, rub the growth agent again, press the long agent flat with your hands, dry it into a cow tongue shape with a rolling stick, brush a little water with a brush, brush the paste repeatedly with a brush, so that it will stick more firmly when it rolls up.
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 9 Roll up the sausage with the sticks and the bottom of the sausage from the end of the dough, obliquely from the bottom to the top, and seal the top and bottom of the sausage to prevent the oil from penetrating into the inside of the hot dog while frying for a while.~
    After-school snack-fried hot
  • 10 When the oil temperature reaches 120 degrees (i.e. 40 degrees heat), the hot dog can be put into the pan. The bread expands rapidly in the deep-fried layer and the bread does not need too much oil. When frying, the dough should be turned over and the paste should not be fried.~
  • 11 When the color of bread is golden, it can be cooked.~
    After-school snack-fried hot

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