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Alkali Surface–Childhood Memory

Alkali noodles are the taste of memory. When I was a child, my mother often made them. The noodles with alkali water have a unique taste, tendons, refreshing and intoxicating. On the first day of the New Year, every time a mother must do longevity Yuanbao noodles, the use of alkali water surface, which is very expected. My daughter is not as lucky as I am. A competent mother often eats it when she was a child. Mother is old now, not too do it by herself, but the first year of the new year will still be their own caustic surface, the daughter is also once a year back to her grandmothers home to eat. But I also like it very much. Mothers crafts can not be lost ah, take advantage of the mother to come, follow her mother step by step to learn to make alkali water surface, later on they can do for their daughter. A lot of surface is alkali water bottom, learn this can do a lot of!

Food Material List

  • 1 flour 500g
  • 2 warm water 180g
  • 3 Dietary alkali 2.5G

Operational steps

  • 1 1 Alkali in a bowl.
    2 Pour in warm water and mix well.
    3 Water is gradually added to the surface.
    4 Make pot light, hand light, and face into small groups.
    5 Stuff dough into the press and press repeatedly. The < br /> 6 gear is wide and then fine until the dough is smooth.
    7 Change suitable gear and cut the pressed surface into uniform noodles. Under < br /> 8 surface pressing machine, put a long board or silicone pad, noodles can be stretched very long. Sprinkle some flour at < br /> 9 and place the noodles in groups. < br /> 10. Boil noodles in 11 pots with water.
    12 noodles over water, mixed with tomato brine, sprinkled with coriander, seasoning.
    Alkali Surface-Childhood Memory
  • 2 1 Auricularia auricula and Tremella fumara are washed and ripped. Tomatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces. Tofu is cut into small pieces. Scallions are cut into small pieces. Oil in < br /> 2 pans. < br /> 3. Stir-fry onions first. Add < br /> 4 and stir-fry tofu. Add < br /> 5 and stir-fry tomatoes. < br /> 6 put in agaric, stir-fry, put in five spices powder, extract raw. Bake < br /> 7 covers for 5 minutes. < br /> 8. Stir-fry Tremella fuciformis evenly. Season with salt and bake for a short time. < br /> 9 delicious tomatoes stewed out of the pot.
    Alkali Surface-Childhood Memory


Its okay to roll the surface by hand without a press. My mother feels that my press is not as fast as it is by hand.

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