An apple cake that cant be simpler

Backenohne Schnickschnack (no special baking) was found in a small shop on the street during the Christmas market. The subtitle was “Grandmas Secret Prescription”. It was opened and turned over. The cakes introduced in it were bought to my taste. After deciding to go to Dussey, I wanted to bake a cake and bring a gift to the meeting. After all, we wanted to disturb people for two nights and fear that the first time would fail. So we chose to choose this very simple apple cake, which was finally praised by friends and family.

Food Material List

  • 1 butter 150g
  • 2 Sugar 150g
  • 3 flour 375g
  • 4 Baking powder 34 packs
  • 5 Egg 3

Operational steps

  • 1 At room temperature, the softened butter bubbles with sugar, then three eggs are added in turn.
  • 2 Mix flour and baking powder, then sun in egg yolk mixture, stirring evenly.
  • 3 Carefully pour the dough into the cake mold that has been buttered beforehand and smooth it as far as possible.
  • 4 Peel the apple, cut four petals and clean the seeds inside, then cross the apple surface with the tip of a knife (a bit like cutting squid), and finally put them one by one, sprinkle raisins on the surface at will.

    An apple cake
  • 5 Preheat the oven 170 degrees, bake for 40 minutes, take out to cool, demould, and the cake is ready.

    An apple cake


When putting apples, its better to press the hand down slightly to see the dough squeezed from the gap between the apples and the apples;
Before entertaining guests or enjoying themselves, you can whip some butter, and a spoonful of solid butter will taste better on the surface after slicing the cake.

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