Night snack

Assorted fruit salad

When I was a kid, I saw people on TV eating salad. It was always a great pleasure to enjoy. Now I have a hand in it. It tastes like first love, giggling….

Food Material List

  • 1 Salad dressing One bottle
  • 2 Cherry Tomatoes A few
  • 3 orange A few
  • 4 Apple A few
  • 5 Fragrant Pear A few
  • 6 Banana A few
  • 7 Cucumber One article
  • 8 Grape without mention A few

Operational steps

  • 1 First of all, all the fruits bought back are washed with water once, and then the process of cutting can be soaked in a little salt water to clear, remember that the apple must soak in salt water for a while! Otherwise, it would not look good if it was oxidized and yellowed.
    Assorted fruit salad
  • 2 The second step is too simple. Cut all the fruits and put them on the plate. Stir them together with the salad dressing. Stir them up like this! ___________
    Assorted fruit salad
  • 3 If you dont think its enough, you can put more salad. If youre satisfied, youll enjoy your own taste. Its okay to have less salad and more salad. Success is ahead. Are you satisfied with your work? Hee-hee…
    Assorted fruit salad


This dish is so simple that you can cook it without looking at it. Remember that the apple should be soaked in brine for a while, because the apple will turn yellow without brine, and it will oxidize. That will reduce the beauty of many points. The use of this dish can also help men and girlfriends who need to lose weight. The nutritional value is very high. People who want to lose weight are not as good as heartbeat. Come on and act quickly.

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