French cuisine

Babao Pumpkin Rice

Food Material List

  • 1 Pumpkin 1
  • 2 Glutinous rice 50g
  • 3 Black glutinous rice 50g
  • 4 oats 20g
  • 5 brown rice 20g
  • 6 Fragrant Rice 20g
  • 7 Lotus seed 15g
  • 8 Mung bean 15g
  • 9 Red bean 15g
  • 10 Job tears 15g
  • 11 Red Kidney Beans 15g
  • 12 White kidney beans 15g

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash all the rice and beans and soak them separately for 5-6 hours.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice
  • 2 Cook lotus seeds, mung beans, red beans, coix, kidney beans and white kidney beans in a pot for 15 minutes.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice
  • 3 Clean the outside of the pumpkin, remove the top piece, and hollow out the inside pumpkin seeds.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice
  • 4 Cut the jujube into small pieces and mix with all the rice and beans.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice
  • 5 Put the mixed soybean and rice into the pumpkin and press it.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice
  • 6 Pumpkin in steamer for 70 minutes.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice
  • 7 Remove and put aside to cool.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice
  • 8 Take another pot, put some brown sugar and water, boil the syrup, and sprinkle it on the surface of the pumpkin cup, then you can eat it.
    Babao Pumpkin Rice

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