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Baby health supplement – meat floss

When the baby arrives at the month of supplementary food, he wants to add some meat to him, but he is afraid of the meat floss bought outside, with additives and salt, so he intends to make meat floss for his baby at home. Theres no bread machine. Its fried by hand.

Food Material List

  • 1 Tenderloin 250g

Operational steps

  • 1 Buy tender tenderloin meat, wash it, remove impurities
    Baby health supplement
  • 2 Add water to the pot, defoam and remove the foam. Add water to the pot. Put ginger slices, large ingredients and a small amount of childrens soy sauce into the pot. Cook the tenderloin in the pot for half an hour. Remove the spare parts.
    Baby health supplement
  • 3 Put the meat in a fresh-keeping bag and press it with a rolling pin.
    Baby health supplement
  • 4 Tear the meat one by one
    Baby health supplement
  • 5 Put it in a pan, stir-fry until it is golden.
    Baby health supplement
  • 6 After drying, beat the meat floss with a blender and its done.
    Baby health supplement

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