Western-style food

Babys snack Wangzi steamed bun Make it healthier by oneself

Tomorrow we will take our baby out and bring some snacks with us to stop the noisy baby. No baking powder, slightly hard taste, suitable for baby molars with long teeth.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg juice 50g
  • 2 Berry sugar 20g
  • 3 Potato starch 135g
  • 4 Low-gluten flour 20g
  • 5 Powdered Milk 25g

Operational steps

  • 1 Egg juice is stirred with fine granulated sugar to dissolve white granulated sugar. No need to send.
    Babys snack Wangzi
  • 2 Potato starch, low gluten flour, milk powder mixture. Sift into the egg juice.
    Babys snack Wangzi
  • 3 Knead into soft and moderate dough.
    Babys snack Wangzi
  • 4 The baking tray is covered with oil paper and the dough is twisted into small balls of uniform size.
    Babys snack Wangzi
  • 5 The middle floor of the oven is 180 degrees, baking for about 10 minutes. The surface is slightly yellow.
    Babys snack Wangzi

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