baked beans

Before I talk about food today, I want to talk about the supporting role that is more important than the main character: Will the love apple feel strange to the classmates when it hears the romantic name? In fact, it also has a very traditional Chinese name: tomatoes. Now, everyone knows that tomatoes are rich in nutrition, antioxidant, freckle removal, whitening, sunscreen and so on. For women, its just a beautiful and inexpensive beauty product. I think that people have memories of food. What they like to eat from an early age is likely to love for a lifetime, and they will love their house and Wu. They will spread, spread and develop similar new varieties. Like I like to eat tomatoes, love to eat since childhood, sugar mixed tomatoes, tomato scrambled eggs, is often eaten at home, if the tomatoes are ruddy, it is directly washed and opened to eat. Gradually, from love tomatoes to love all kinds of food with tomato juice taste, sour and sweet, appetizing, always let people want to stop. This tomato juice soybean is one of them, almost from the first bite to eat it, like it without suspense. The benefits of soybeans are not much to say. The soybeans wrapped in eggplant juice always have the right degree of softness and hardness. They are soft but not rotten. They are chewy. They like to buy canned soybeans with eggplant juice for a while. They are afraid to eat them. They always feel that there are too many unknown additives and they dont know what chemicals they have swallowed in each mouthful. Elements. So I began to try, without any prescription, completely rely on my own taste memory to imagine, but the flavor is also 89 inseparable. Today, this sweet and sour soybean with eggplant juice looks very beautiful. In fact, it is not difficult to cook it in a soup pot at all. It takes a long time to cook it before it reaches a delicious level. This time the microwave oven was used, and a sealed container was used. The heating time was shortened, but the taste was not discounted.

Food Material List

  • 1 soybean 100g
  • 2 tomato 2

Operational steps

  • 1 Peeled tomatoes are cut into large pieces and put into the machine.

    baked beans
  • 2 Turn on the electricity and beat the tomatoes into ketchup.
  • 3 Put the foamed soybeans in the Taji pot.
  • 4 Add beaten tomato sauce.
  • 5 Add some tomato sauce.

    baked beans
  • 6 Add a little salt according to your taste.
  • 7 Mix well.
  • 8 Cover the pot and put it in the microwave oven. Heat it over medium-high heat for 20 minutes until the soup is dry.


1. If you dont mind, tomatoes can be peeled and nutritious; < br > 2. Soybeans must be soaked in advance, fully foamed, or not easy to cook; < br > 3. Tomato sauce can also be used only, but the taste of tomatoes is better; < br > 4. When heated for 10 minutes, take out, stir again and continue to heat, in order to avoid drying.

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