Baked eggplant with sugar and vinegar

Food Material List

  • 1 eggplant Two
  • 2 Scallion One root
  • 3 Garlic 3 and a half
  • 4 sugar Two scoops
  • 5 Vinegar Two scoops
  • 6 salt
  • 7 One spoonful of soy sauce
  • 8 Old soy sauce Few
  • 9 salt

Operational steps

  • 1 Peel eggplant and cut it with a hob.
    Baked eggplant with
  • 2 Wrap eggplant with starch(pass eggplant in water before wrapping starchso that the starch will wrap evenly). Put eggplant in container and sprinkle starch directly and stir until all the eggplant is wrapped with starch.“
    Baked eggplant with
  • 3 Fry the eggplant in a frying pan.(Roll the eggplant with a spoon while frying.Fry the eggplant evenly.)
    Baked eggplant with
  • 4 Fry the eggplant in reserve
    Baked eggplant with
  • 5 Sauce (two spoons of sugar,two spoons of vinegar,one spoon of soy sauce,proper salt,a little pumping,starchclear water)
    Baked eggplant with
  • 6 Shallot frying pan to feed sauceto hand in clockwise soup sticky
    Baked eggplant with
  • 7 Finally, pour in the eggplant and garlic.
    Baked eggplant with


The taste of this dish depends mainly on garlic ohI personally prefer a lot of garlic to taste oh< p >

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