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Baked sweet potato with electric cake

One day I baked sweet potatoes in an oven for a whole hour and a half at 220 degrees. It took too long. Wait for me. This time, I tried to bake sweet potatoes with electric cake clasp. It didnt need to be sliced. It baked very well. In other words, the electric cake clasp in my home has been in power for many years, and it is delicious and time-saving. It also saves electricity.

Food Material List

  • 1 Sweet potato 300g

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and peel the sweet potatoes.
    Baked sweet potato
  • 2 The sweet potatoes I bought are not too big. Each one is divided into two halves, so that the thickness of each half of the sweet potatoes is the same. If the thickness is too thick, it can be cut off a little. The thickness is about 3 cm.
    Baked sweet potato
  • 3 Clean the cake and put some oil on it. If its not sticky, you dont need oil.
    Baked sweet potato
  • 4 Full of sweet potatoes.
    Baked sweet potato
  • 5 Cover up and fire. Fire up and down together, bake for 5 minutes, bake for 7 minutes and then fire again, bake for 5 minutes or so, then fire off for 3 times.
    Baked sweet potato
  • 6 Boiling, cooked very well, sweet potatoes thicker is also very delicious.
    Baked sweet potato

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