Northeast Cuisine

Bean, ham, cheese and heart pizza

Today, this sour beans, ham and chili heart pizza, smart people can see at a glance, scrap together. I found that when I couldnt catch the time to make a big meal, I could make a pizza handy, without wasting time, without losing the atmosphere, and get a good comment, didnt I, my relatives?

Food Material List

  • 1 High powder 50g
  • 2 Low powder 50g
  • 3 Berry sugar 5g
  • 4 Refined salt 14 spoons
  • 5 yeast 1g
  • 6 milk 55g
  • 7 Olive oil 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 sift in starch in stages and mix evenly with scraper;
    Bean, ham, cheese
  • 2 The yeast solution was added to the powder.
  • 3 Stir well with chopsticks, pour in water, stir into a loose shape, and let stand for 10 minutes.
  • 4 Add olive oil and slowly knead the oil into the dough until the dough is expanded.
  • 5 Place the smooth dough in a container, cover with damp gauze, and ferment in a warm place.

    Bean, ham, cheese
  • 6 When dough is fermented to 2.5 times larger, it is removed.
  • 7 Re-exhaust and round;
  • 8 Roll the dough into a round cake shape. The diameter of the dough is 2 cm larger than the pizza plate. Cover the dough with gauze and put it in the refrigerator for half an hour to shape.
  • 9 Corn peeled, onion, sour beans, small red pepper chopped;

    Bean, ham, cheese
  • 10 Put a little oil in the pan, heat the oil and stir-fry the onions.
  • 11 Onion yellowing slightly, add a tablespoon of Thai chili sauce;
  • 12 Add a spoonful of tomato sauce.
  • 13 Stir well and serve as pizza sauce.

    Bean, ham, cheese
  • 14 After removing the shaped crust, cut 1/3 of the marsu and lay it on the edge of the crust. Flatten it gently with your hands.
  • 15 Pull the edge of the crust up, press it inward, put it into the greased pizza dish, and pierce some holes in the crust with a fork.
  • 16 Spread the pizza sauce on the crust.
  • 17 Ham slices are cut in half and spread on the cake skin.

    Bean, ham, cheese
  • 18 Sprinkle 1/3 of cheese evenly.
  • 19 Spread corn kernels and sour beans.
  • 20 Sprinkle the remaining cheese, and finally sprinkle a layer of small red pepper. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees and bake for about 15 minutes.


1. Before wrapping in cheese, the crust must be fully relaxed and shaped so as not to shrink after shaping; < br > 2. After wrapping in cheese, the edges should be tightened so as not to burst during baking; < br > 3. Before laying materials, pie some small holes in the crust to prevent the crumb from expanding when heated; < br > 4. If you like the effect of cheese wire drawing, It can increase the amount of Masu.

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