Bean paste cake

Buy too many mung beans, how to dispose of one-time, make mung bean cake, you can also exchange maltose, you can also eat without sugar.

Food Material List

  • 1 Mung bean
  • 2 oil
  • 3 sugar

Operational steps

  • 1 Soak mung beans, soak for at least two days, and then peel them off. Make sure they are clean. I peeled them for three hours. Its OK to buy peeling directly.
  • 2 Steam in a pan, rot until twisted, and then twist into mud. If boiled, the taste is worse and the steamed sand is better.
  • 3 Then stir-fry with butter or your favorite oil, add the right amount of sugar you think, and dont stir-fry too dry.
  • 4 Then use all kinds of moulds to compact and eat directly without moulds. Super mellow taste. The color is light yellow instead of green.


It turns out that peeling is the hardest… Be patient, or twist it with a spoon after steaming to remove skin, but its troublesome not to know if it can be cleaned.

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