Bean Pork Meat Paste

In my circle of friends, I like to use fried meat with beans to make stuffing for steamed buns and glutinous rice steamed bread. I bite off the salty fragrance of pork and the sweetness of beans, so I dont feel tired of eating any of them.~

Food Material List

  • 1 Core flour 300g
  • 2 warm water Appropriate amount
  • 3 yeast 3G
  • 4 Lean pork 300g
  • 5 Beans 200g
  • 6 Water fat fungus 100g
  • 7 Onion 3
  • 8 ginger 1 piece
  • 9 Cooking wine 12 tablespoons
  • 10 Oyster sauce 2 tablespoons
  • 11 Soy sauce 1 tablespoon
  • 12 salt Appropriate amount
  • 13 Chicken essence Few
  • 14 Pepper Appropriate amount
  • 15 starch 13 tablespoons

Operational steps

  • 1 The yeast can be boiled by adding proper amount of warm water, then poured into the flour and stirred into flocculent flour to start kneading, kneading until the surface of the dough is smooth, covered with fresh-keeping film and fermented to 1.5_2 times larger (the water temperature feels a little warm, cold water can also be used in summer, that is, fermentation is a little slow).
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 2 Pick and wash agaric
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 3 Chop beans, agaric and onions (onion white or garlic without onion)
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 4 Wash and chop pork into minced meat. Rub ginger into minced ginger and add in minced meat. Put in proper salt, oyster oil, sauce, cooking wine, pepper and starch. Mix well and marinate. (Its better to use minced pork with skin, but you cant buy it.)
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 5 In a hot pot, add some oil, chopped shallot, stir-fry Auricularia auricula till the water is dry, add the minced meat and stir-fry, then stir-fry beans until just broken, add some salt, and stir-fry chicken essence evenly (if the stuffing is stir-fried dough is not fermented, you can put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it first, when the package is packed, you will not feel a lot of vegetable soup)
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 6 The dough is exhausted and kneaded until the surface is smooth. First the dough is twisted into strips, then sliced into small dosage.
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 7 The dough is rounded and rolled into thin sheets with thick edges in the middle.
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 8 Wrap it in the stuffing. Dont wrap too much soup in the stuffing. The excessive soup turns into dead noodles and cant be sent out.
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 9 Steamed bun wakes up twice~
    Bean Pork Meat
  • 10 Brush a layer of oil on the steaming grid and put the steamed buns in the wok. Steam for 15 minutes in the pot. The heat should not be too small. Keep the fire medium and large.~
    Bean Pork Meat

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