Beer duck

Food Material List

  • 1 Duck meat 500g
  • 2 Beer A listen
  • 3 Garlic One piece
  • 4 ginger A block
  • 5 Sichuan Pepper 30 grains
  • 6 Dry pepper 3
  • 7 Chili pepper 2 roots
  • 8 Scallion 3 small trees
  • 9 Star anise Two grains

Operational steps

  • 1 Oil in hot pot, fry pepper and leave oil in residue. Add anise, garlic, ginger slices, scallion, pepper and stir-fry together. Pick up the spare. < br /> Keep some duck meat in the pan and stir it continuously. When it is stir-fried, the water will come out. If it is not stir-fried, it will be better. < br /> then stir-fry the reserve seasonings, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, stir-fry until the top color, then the beer, and then turn off the low heat for 30 minutes after the beer is boiled, so as not to stick to the pan. Just wait until the sauce is not much.
    Beer duck
  • 2 Place on a plate and decorate the onion leaves with cut flowers. The delicious beer duck is ready. The colour, fragrance and taste are all. Absolute meals
    Beer duck

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