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Braised Japanese Tofu (Super Simple Student Recipe)

Braised Japanese tofu is my favorite dish in the university dining hall! Unfortunately, in the last year, I changed my teacher and never had any more food. I couldnt help ordering a dish to my favorite restaurant. Of course, learn!

Food Material List

  • 1 Japanese Tofu
  • 2 Red pepper
  • 3 Egg

Operational steps

  • 1 Step 1: Cut tofu gently into small round pieces about 1.5 cm for reserve, cut colored pepper into filaments for reserve, cut a few sections of scallion and white for reserve, beat egg white in a small bowl, and get the yolk out first.
  • 2 Step 2: Still gently put tofu pieces into egg white, wrap them with egg white, and then add starch to ensure that each piece of tofu has egg white and starch on the outside.
  • 3 Step 3: Oil the pot to high temperature, do not add too much, according to the number of tofu blocks, visualize it, and then continue to gently put in the bean curd wrapped with starch egg white, containing water starch and egg white, do not pour out, reserve, constantly turn over tofu, fry until the surface is oily yellow without tar, fish out the spare ~
  • 4 Step 4: Continue to add onion white, do not need to start another pot, stir-fry, add color pepper, stir-fry, at this time skimmed yolk can be hit in by the way, add a spoonful of raw soy sauce, color pepper slightly discolored after adding Japanese tofu, stir-fry, add salt, wrapped in tofu egg white and water starch, add a little water into the pot, mix, pay attention to both. Uniform ~can be out of the pot

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