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Braised mushroom rice with cheese (fork sauce)

I like cheese very much, so I am going to make a cheese baked rice by myself. When I meet someone else on the peas, I cant do the same thing as others because I lack a lot of things. Fortunately, the principle of cheese baked rice is similar, so I make a try with the only dishes and condiments at home. Unfortunately, there are few cheese. A little, and a little too. It wasnt meant to be sent out for sharing, but I think it tastes good and simple.

Food Material List

  • 1 Cheese
  • 2 Dried mushroom Some
  • 3 Carrot Some
  • 4 Ye Fan 100g
  • 5 Egg One
  • 6 Minced pork Some

Operational steps

  • 1 I went downstairs to the market and bought my favorite mushrooms. In fact, just a few are enough. I bought too many, but it doesnt affect the carrot half root. Cut it up.
    Braised mushroom rice
  • 2 Talk about beating eggs into leftovers and stirring them evenly.
    Braised mushroom rice
  • 3 Pour a little olive oil into the frying pan, stir-fry with meat foam, then stir-fry mushrooms and carrots in the pan until soft. Then add two spoons of fork sauce and stir well.
  • 4 When the side dishes are fried, pour into rice, stir-fry and mix. When the egg liquid is thoroughly cooked, the pot will rise and put into the oven mold, and spread out.
  • 5 Cut the cheese into slices and spread it on the fried rice. (There arent many cheeses at home, only these two pieces are left. Theyre all spread out. ~If you like cheese, you can put more.)
    Braised mushroom rice
  • 6 Preheat 200 degrees above and below the oven, add rice and bake for 10 minutes. (Pay attention to the degree of cheese color in the middle, dont like me, go out and get a courier and bake it back. ~ I bake for 10 minutes when the color is not enough, and when I meet with an additional five minutes, its over again, so we must keep a close watch when baking!)
    Braised mushroom rice
  • 7 It tastes good. Its not too salty. Its too little cheese. When I eat the top one, I think it would be better if I had more cheese.~

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