Braised shrimp noodles

Hey, old man! 》 It is touching and sighing that our parents have dedicated their whole life without complaint to us. We must never do anything “to be filial but not to be with our relatives” and regret it for life! __________ This baked noodle was caught while watching this TV play.

Food Material List

  • 1 prawn 250g
  • 2 onion A small one
  • 3 Hand-made noodles 500g
  • 4 cowpea Five roots
  • 5 Pleurotus eryngii A small one
  • 6 fresh mushroom Six flower
  • 7 Tomatoes A big one
  • 8 Carrot One root
  • 9 green pepper One

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash fresh shrimp, cut off above shrimp eyes and shrimp mustache together, control water
    Braised shrimp noodles
  • 2 Wash all vegetable dishes, cut cowpeas into small pieces, cut tomatoes into small pieces, and cut the rest into slightly coarser silks.
  • 3 Heat up a little more oil than usual, stir-fry the shrimp in a ginger shrimp frying pan, squeeze the head of the shrimp with a spatula to get the shrimp oil out, stir-fry the cowpea section, then stir-fry all the remaining vegetable dishes together, stir-fry more, add salt after the tomato is out of water, pumping, cooking wine, stir-frying and then pour over half of the bowl of fresh water and desert.
    Braised shrimp noodles
  • 4 After boiling, pour the brine into the big bowl. Leave a little more than the surface of the food in the pot. Roll the noodles on the top of the food, cover the hazards and braise over medium heat. When you feel about drying, use the spatula to lift one side of the pot, pour the brine into the big bowl, and then lift the brine into the other side, cover it again and again. Next time until all the brine is added, cover, braise for a few minutes, turn off the fire, braise for another five minutes, open the lid, mix, serve, eat!!
    Braised shrimp noodles

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