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Bread machine version whole wheat raisin bread

After making bread for a period of time, my parents finally got tired of the sweet bread and let me rest and stop doing it. It didnt slow down for a few days. I itched again. Then I had a crude grain for a change of taste. The whole wheat was classically matched with raisins. The rough and chewy whole wheat was matched with sweet raisins.

Food Material List

  • 1 Whole wheat gluten flour 200g
  • 2 High gluten powder 100g
  • 3 Egg One
  • 4 milk 145g
  • 5 Walnut oil 20g
  • 6 Granulated sugar 40g
  • 7 salt 3G
  • 8 yeast 3G
  • 9 Raisins Some

Operational steps

  • 1 All the ingredients except walnut oil are put into the bread bucket. The order of milk, eggs, sugar, salt, flour and yeast is written in the general bread machine instruction. The kneading procedure is opened for 15 minutes. If the dough is dry at this time, some milk can be added. It feels that the whole wheat flour is harder. Then add walnut oil (butter or other oil should be okay) and knead for 20 minutes.
    Bread machine version
  • 2 Then choose the fermentation process for 1 hour, dough fermentation to twice the size, this need to pay attention to observation, now the weather is hot, dough is better.
    Bread machine version
  • 3 Fermented dough takes out the exhaust gas, then covers the wet cloth and wakes up for 15 minutes.
    Bread machine version
  • 4 Roll the dough into a thin round cake and sprinkle raisins evenly.
    Bread machine version
  • 5 Roll up the dough and rub it as long as possible.
    Bread machine version
  • 6 Then begin to weave flowers, as shown in the figure.
    Bread machine version
  • 7 Flower weaving as shown in the figure
    Bread machine version
  • 8 Try to lengthen the noodles so that they can be knitted better.
    Bread machine version
  • 9 Put it in the bread machine and wake up until 7.8 cents full. Sprinkle dry flour on the dough surface and some black sesame seeds in the middle.
    Bread machine version
  • 10 Finally, choose the baking procedure, 40 minutes, OK, barley whole-wheat raisin toast out of the oven.
    Bread machine version
  • 11 Whole wheat flour is rough and strong, bread itself is not sweet, but with sweet raisins, very tasty.
    Bread machine version

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