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Bread Making Without Oven: British Maffen Bread

Food Material List

  • 1 Strong flour 150g
  • 2 Fine sugar 20g
  • 3 salt 2G
  • 4 Saf low-sugar yeast 1g
  • 5 Natural yeast juice 30g
  • 6 water 60g
  • 7 Black olive slices 15g
  • 8 Crude cornmeal 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 Put the flour scale into the transparent plastic bag, water, sugar, salt, then dissolve the low-sugar yeast together, and the natural yeast into the plastic bag to seal and knead for about one minute to form the dough.
  • 2 Fermentation is carried out once in a container. The fermentation height is about twice as high. The whole fermentation is rounded. The second fermentation is carried out in a pan at room temperature in summer. The fire is turned off for about 15 seconds in winter, and the heat is set aside for 1 hour, and the expansion is about twice as large.
  • 3 Baking procedure: 30 seconds after opening the fire, turn low for 3 minutes, 15 seconds for turning over the fire, 3 minutes for turning over the fire, 5 minutes for turning over the fire, and 5 minutes for turning over the fire. The total baking time is about 16-17 minutes.


About the cold storage and fermentation of dough:
If the dough can not be fermented immediately due to special conditions, it can be stored in the cold storage. The dough can be left in the plastic bag and extruded into the air. Knotting on the top of the plastic bag and fermenting for a long time will lead to its own sweet taste and become delicious bread. If time is enough, the dough can be preserved in the cold storage. It is suggested that dough should be fermented slowly.
How long can the dough after fermentation be stored in refrigerated storage? The dough with high sugar content is about three to four days, and the dough without sugar is about two days. If it is placed too long, the dough will collapse and become inelastic and can not be used to make bread!

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