Northeast Cuisine

BreadTalk Meat Floss Bread

Food Material List

  • 1 Golden bread flour 175g
  • 2 Low-gluten flour 75g
  • 3 Immediate dry yeast 2.5G
  • 4 Berry sugar 40g
  • 5 salt 34 spoons
  • 6 Powdered Milk 10g
  • 7 egg 25g
  • 8 water 135g
  • 9 butter 25g

Operational steps

  • 1 Put all the ingredients except butter together and knead until the gluten expands and the surface is smooth.
  • 2 After adding butter and kneading to the expansion stage, basic fermentation was carried out in the fermentation tank.
  • 3 At the end of basic fermentation, take out the dough and divide it into 60 g/piece, then relax for 15 minutes after rounding.
  • 4 The loosened dough is rolled into an oval shape. After turning, the dough is pressed to the bottom and rolled into an olive shape from top to bottom.
  • 5 The dough is arranged on the baking tray and fed into the fermentation box for final fermentation.
  • 6 At the end of fermentation, brush the egg liquid on the surface, heat the oven at 180 C, middle layer, top and bottom fire for 15 minutes.
  • 7 After the bread is out of the oven, move it to the baking net to cool it.
  • 8 Cut an opening in the middle of the bread. Do not cut off the bottom. Spread salad dressing on the cut surface.
  • 9 Spread salad dressing on the surface of bread and dip in hot meat floss.


Fangzi comes from the Spicy Pine of Goddess. If we cant buy Spicy Pine, we will replace it with ordinary pork pine.

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