Afternoon tea

Brown sugar crisp

Food Material List

  • 1 Soft dough A block

Operational steps

  • 1 Roll the peanuts with a rolling pin and crush them very well. Basically, make them into small granules. Then mix in brown sugar and put in a proper amount of dry flour (dry flour should be put less, the purpose of which is to fry the triangular crisps without flowing sugar) and mix well.
  • 2 Drop a little water and stir the filling evenly (the amount of water is better if the filling can be clumped together, or a little more water).
  • 3 Then make the dough:
    Roll the dough into the dough with a rolling pin, put a little cooking oil on it, and then fold it together by “folding the quilt”. Roll the dough into a thickness of about two millimeters with a rolling pin, and the dough is finished.
  • 4 Cut the finished face into four squares.
  • 5 Wrap the filling in a square skin and wrap it diagonally. (Make sure that the edges of the crisp triangle are solid enough to prevent sugar from flowing during frying.)
  • 6 When the oil in the pot is about 50% hot, it will be put into the triangular crisp. It will be slowly fried into golden yellow with a small fire. The filling inside will be ripe (it must be slowly fried with a small fire or it will cause the endogenous situation of the paste).


Say triangular crisp, but because it is made of the remaining pie skin, the inside of the fried face is somewhat soft, but delicious, and the filling is very sweet, but also layer by layer yo ~

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