Brown sugar peanut steamed bun

MS Every housewife has to have a skill, that is, steamed buns? Anyway, I worked hard, sweated and had an appetite for it, and I didnt fail at all. My son with a good appetite is my biggest motivation to cook.

Food Material List

  • 1 flour
  • 2 peanut
  • 3 Oil residue
  • 4 Brown sugar
  • 5 sesame

Operational steps

  • 1 Fried peanuts, crushed into pieces, chopped oil residue, roasted sesame, pinched brown sugar cubes
    Brown sugar peanut
  • 2 When the above materials are mixed together, some glutinous rice flour should be added. Flour can also be used. Sprinkle some salad oil and stir well.
    Brown sugar peanut
  • 3 Put the sugar stuffing into the noodles in your best way. As for appearance, it depends on the level of manual work – Im not good at it anyway. After wrapping up, I woke up twice in the cage.
    Brown sugar peanut
  • 4 Boil water over high fire and continue to burn over medium fire. After 15 minutes, the steamed buns come out of the pot and start eating. In fact, a short time is also OK. Look at the size of your steamed bun.
    Brown sugar peanut


No matter what good ingredients you use, you cant save an important condiment – love. Home, love and happiness.

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