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Butter snack bag

A very easy-to-make butter meal bag to share with you, adding butter and milk meal bag, as breakfast and afternoon tea are good choices?^^

Food Material List

  • 1 Strong flour 400g
  • 2 Unsalted butter 150g
  • 3 Berry sugar 40g
  • 4 Whole egg juice 40g
  • 5 yeast 4G
  • 6 salt 3G
  • 7 milk 50g
  • 8 Egg yolk for brushing 1
  • 9 Semen Sesami nigrum Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 First, put the light butter, milk and eggs in the bread barrel. I use earth eggs, one is exactly 40 grams.
    Butter snack bag
  • 2 Then I put in flour, salt and sugar on both sides of the diagonal line, and yeast in the middle of the pit. It took me half an hour to start the mixing process.
    Butter snack bag
  • 3 This is kneaded dough. It doesnt need to pull out the glove film. It can pull out a large piece of film. It can be put back after taking out the whole circle from the bread machine.
    Butter snack bag
  • 4 The bread machine starts the fermentation process for an hour. Dip your finger in some flour and poke it. No retraction or collapse means the fermentation is finished.
    Butter snack bag
  • 5 After exhausting, they are divided into 25 portions and fermented in oven for 1 hour. The temperature is 38 degrees. Place a bowl of warm water under the baking tray.
    Butter snack bag
  • 6 Fermentation finished, brush with yolk liquid, sprinkle black sesame, 170 degree middle layer and roast for 20 minutes.
    Butter snack bag
  • 7 The fragrant bread has come out.
    Butter snack bag
  • 8 Milk-scented small meal bag, without filling, very delicious.
    Butter snack bag

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